appliance repairs san clemente

Appliance Repairs san clemente

Dryer Repair

The dryer won’t start? Does it take forever to dry your clothes? Contact our San Clemente dryer repair experts. We take care of dryer problems as soon as possible. Our techs offer service in a timely fashion as an attempt to prevent worse issues. Get in touch with our Appliance Repair in San Clemente if your dryer seems to be clogged or doesn’t dry well. Let us fix any problem and replace its damaged parts. We can also install a new dryer, service comb units, and tune up the appliance.Dryer Repair San Clemente

Quick dryer repair service

Whether you need to fix an independent or comb appliance, call us. In our company, we offer washer and dryer repair as well. There are replacement parts for most laundry appliance models in our service vehicles and so the job is done correctly. What would be a symptom of a problematic dryer?

  • The dryer won’t dry well
  • The appliance won’t start
  • The cycle will take too long
  • Clothes will come out smelling bad
  • Moisture will increase
  • The dryer gets extremely hot

Contact our team any time you feel the dryer is not working as it should. We do our best to cover your dryer repair needs in San Clemente, California, as fast as possible. We can replace any damaged component of all types of dryers. So if the thermostat, heating coils and elements, valves, switches, or belts of your dryer are damaged, trust that we will replace them.

The best dryer service in San Clemente

Call us to fix your appliance but also rely on the excellent results of our preventive dryer service. This is the best way for you to avoid sudden dryer problems or even hazards related to your safety. Our specialists check well the appliance and remove lint from all tubes to ensure good air flow and thus clogged dryers.

Planning dryer replacement? Call us to help

Don’t disregard the importance of dryer installation. If the appliance is not installed correctly and in accordance to all safety standards, it won’t operate with safety. We have been installing and servicing clothes dryers for many years and can assure you of our experience. All techs from our team are updated and skilled to perform any service required. Call us now if you need our assistance. Contact us for same day dryer repair in San Clemente.

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